Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Math: Least, Between, & Greatest

Bree helped us record our answers

We took turns acting out the math

Khloe pointed out that not only were the cube trains in order from least to greatest, but so was the students' height!  :)  My class is so smart!

J.C.'s train had the greatest number of cubes.  The volunteers got to pick the number of cubes in their "cube train".  The class was AMAZED that J.C.'s had 10 whole cubes!  It was huge!  1st graders are the best. 

But we had to count just to make sure.

A few of our lovely volunteers!  We had many more students volunteering, but this was the only time I had my camera right there.  We also acted the problems out with students moving around on the fish number line on our floor.

I'm also throwing in an extra pic of reading from today:

We love our new book boxes!

Please be sure to read "Sam Come Back!" tonight and sign the inside of your student's reading book.

Password for August 22-26: SAM

The "blog password" is a fun way for students to remind parents to check out the blog and what they have been learning at school.  The class blog allows for the student to share with their parents and family what they have learned in 1st grade that week.  At the end of each blog post there will be a "blog password," when the student tells me the password at school (remember to whisper, it's top secret :D ) they will receive a special prize.
*Blog password concept & graphic are from Ms. Marzoni's amazing blog from when I worked with her in Mississippi!

Scholastic book orders are due Friday!

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  1. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog. I see now that this is a TRUE blog in that you put NEW information up each week regarding what the kids are learning. It is SO helpful for me to see the pictures. This is a great way to communicate with parents and help us get a peek into the classroom and all the activities. VERY helpful. Thank you!!

  2. Hey Misty! Thanks for dropping by and leaving the sweet comment! I thought it would be helpful for you all to get a peek into what we are doing everyday! :) Check back soon- I update often! You can also subscribe and get an email notification when there is a new post if you are interested. It's in the top left corner- called "Follow By Email."