Thursday, November 21, 2013

Animal Reports

Today we had an exciting adventure in class!  Our school has recently acquired an iPad cart of 30 ipads.  We will have this cart in our room for one hour once every week.  Today was our first day with the cart.

We have been working on animals and their environment in science.  The students worked with a partner to complete a graphic organizer about an animal that they chose.  From here, we had them use the app Educreations to create a mini-presentation.
Again, today was a "trial run", but I still think they produced excellent work!

This one starts about 14 seconds into the video.

Before we start a new unit, students take a guess at what our academic vocabulary words mean.  The majority of the class guessed that a food web was "spider food" before this unit!  We have learned many things since then!  Students move their own post-it note to show if they have confirmed their hypothesis, or if they no longer believe their original idea.  They can also post questions that they are still wondering, and we will try to solve their questions before the unit is complete.

Students read nonfiction text to create their report with partners

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